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I’d rather you just tell me instead of you going around telling people how miserable you are or being subtle because that just makes it a lot worse for both of us. Even if you can’t bring yourself to tell me directly just ask a friend or something to pass on the message because, funny as it may be, I can’t read minds or always notice when I’ve done something wrong. Don’t worry about offending me - I feel more offended that you’d rather tell a bunch of strangers what you feel about me instead of talking to me about it. 


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these really hot football players just came to the front door to sell raffle cards for the school and i answered the door in my pajamas and they literally could not speak for a full minute because they just had to stare at my pajamas and all i could say after that extremely long minute was “they glow in the dark, too.”

i had these when i was really little (like 5 or 6) and i was wearing them and i wanted to see them glow so my dad went into the bathroom with me. turned off the lights then picked me up by my armpits and then started wiggling me around and i got so scared of the reflection i cried for two hours and my mom made my dad sleep on the couch

where can i buy these

the heart’s on the wrong side

don’t force your beliefs on us





men took my little pony away from us girls so us teen girls are takin pro wrestling fuck yall just try n stop us


have fun fetishizing the shit out of *real life* celebrities. it actually makes the people who sexualize the shit out of children’s cartoons seem normal.

did you just imply being attracted to actual real human males isn’t normal but wanting to fuck cartoon horses is

I need to reblog this again because it still makes me laugh

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